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When a small business owner opens a new corporation, they may wonder if the company needs an accountant right now or can wait until the tax year-end when it is the time to file a tax return. Does a corporate accountant bring any value when your business is fresh and does not provide any profit?

While the answer to this question depends on many factors, in most cases, accountants specializing in corporate business accounting can bring tremendous value from the get-go.

At Taxory, you will find the best corporate accountants to ensure your business runs smoothly from the beginning. We specialize in providing accounting services – and know tax, accounting, and bookkeeping for small businesses inside out.

Corporate Accountant Anna Grigoryan

Anna Grigoryan, a professional corporate accountant at Taxory

Meet Anna Grigoryan, the driving force and founder of Taxory. She is a professional corporate accountant driven by a genuine passion for numbers and a committed focus on aiding small businesses with their financial management.

At Taxory, she does more than just crunch numbers. Anna offers many helpful services like corporate tax help, managing your books, and
advising businesses on handling their finances better. Anna works with clients from various industries and ensures they get the best-tailored service.

What’s cool about Anna is that she always sticks to her values, ensuring everything is done right and fairly. She keeps up with all the new accounting rules and tools to ensure her clients get the best, most up-to-date help.
So, let’s dive in and learn more about Anna and her journey in creating Taxory.

Anna's educational journey towards corporate accounting mastery

Anna’s journey into the accounting world began in Russia, where she worked as a corporate accountant after getting her master’s degree from Krasnodar University.
Anna gained valuable experience working for multiple accounting firms, which allowed her to open her own company there and work as a public accountant for small businesses.

However, once Anna moved to Canada, she had to get a Canadian education due to differences in regulations and practices.

Anna became a student at Humber College in Toronto, a well-respected institution known for its rigorous accounting program, where she studied Business Accounting.

Her time at Humber was marked by a deep commitment to her studies and an ambition to excel in accounting. Graduating with Honours, she demonstrated her proficiency in accounting principles and her capacity for hard work and dedication. This accomplishment clearly indicated her potential to make significant contributions to finance and accounting.

Anna Grigoryan is a corporate accountant, graduated from Humber Business Accounting program with Honors

Continued Learning: Key CPA Courses Taken by Anna in Recent Years

Anna pursued several CPA courses to enhance her expertise and stay current with evolving accounting practices. Here’s a glimpse into some of the critical courses Anna completed in recent years.
Corporate accountant Anna Grigoryan's CPA certificate - Statistics
Advanced Financial Reporting CPA certificate issued to public accountant Anna Grigoryan
Anna's Corporate Finance CPA certificate
Small business accountant Anna Grigoryan's CPA certificate - Audit and Assurance
Small business accountant Anna Grigoryan's CPA certificate - Tax
Management Accounting CPA certificate for corporate accountant Anna
Corporate accountant Anna Grigoryan's CPA certificate - Performance Management
Business Law CPA certificate for accountant Anna Grigoryan

Foundation of Taxory: Anna's Path as a Corporate Accountant in Canada

Upon graduating with honours from Humber College, Anna embarked on a professional journey that shaped her into a professional corporate accountant. She joined the world of public accounting by working with a few companies in the Toronto area, each offering a unique perspective and valuable experiences in the field. In these roles, she applied the knowledge gained from her education and developed a more profound, practical understanding of the Canadian accounting industry. Anna experienced everything from individual tax services to large-scale corporate accounting.

The time she spent in the industry equipped her with an extensive skill set and gave her a vision of how she could offer more personalized and innovative accounting services. This vision, coupled with her relentless passion for accounting, was the driving force behind the birth of her accounting company, Taxory.

Founded in 2019, Taxory is a testament to Anna’s vision of providing top-tier accounting services with a personal touch. Located in the heart of Mississauga, a vibrant and bustling city in Ontario, the company is a source of financial expertise and client-centred service. Despite being rooted in Mississauga, Taxory’s reach extends across Canada, serving clients in the Greater Toronto area and various provinces. This comprehensive geographical coverage reflects the company’s commitment to accessibility and ability to provide to diverse clients with various financial needs.
Since its start, the company has rapidly earned a reputation for its meticulous approach to accounting and bookkeeping and its ability to provide customized solutions. Whether helping small business owners navigate their financial landscape, assisting large corporations with complex accounting needs, or offering individualized tax advice, Taxory is dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of accounting.
One of the critical strengths of Taxory is its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. The firm leverages the latest technological advancements in accounting software and digital tools to ensure efficiency and accuracy in its services. This technological edge, combined with Taxory’s extensive experience and personal approach, makes Taxory a preferred choice for clients seeking a reliable and innovative corporate accountant.

Corporate Accountants Reviews: Client Success Stories on Google

At Taxory, client satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s a testament to the exceptional service and dedication that Anna and her team provide. This commitment to excellence is reflected in many positive reviews on Google, where clients across Canada share their experiences. These reviews paint a picture of a firm that meets and often exceeds client expectations. They highlight the team’s expertise, personalized attention, and ability to simplify complex financial matters. Here are just a few examples of the testimonials that Taxory and its corporate accountants has received:

Excellent service - quick and accurate. Exactly what you would expect from qualified professional. Will definitely recommend for business and/or personal accounting and bookkeeping

Philip Posvaluk Avatar Philip Posvaluk

I have been a client of Taxory for the past couple of years, and I can confidently say that their corporate bookkeeping services have been nothing short of exceptional. As... read more

Mykyta Shylin Avatar Mykyta Shylin

I needed a knowledgeable accountant to do my corporate taxes, and decided to reach out to Anna based on other positive reviews on Google. She was responsive, efficient and... read more

Leighton C Avatar Leighton C

After going round in circles with other accountants, we were lucky to run into Taxory online. They were quick to respond to our inquiries and clearly explained to us what... read more

GL Dabiri Avatar GL Dabiri

Anna helped me shut down my one-man corporation after my previous accountant ghosted me. She quickly picked up the trail and not only filed the final return but did all... read more

Matt Crider Avatar Matt Crider

Excellent and prompt service. Very thorough, affordable, and efficient. Great communication skills, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We will continue to work with Anna and the Taxory team... read more

Lana Goldberg Avatar Lana Goldberg

I did my 2019 tax with Anna. Great service, very professional, gave me a lot of suggestions about my business taxes.

Fay Tao Avatar Fay Tao

Taxory Accounting helped us to resolve a few issues with CRA, regarding preparation of the 2020 Taxes for an independent owner/operator business, as well as some past issues from 2018... read more

Theresa Hoyt Avatar Theresa Hoyt

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